Infrared Sauna

Our medical-grade top of the line hypoallergenic sauna to support cleansing. 
(Moorhead location only)

CleansingThere are NO glues, laminate, plywood, varnish, pine, or adhesives.  Our sauna is made of high-grade untreated white poplar and utilizes certified low EMF heaters.  Our sauna is the same sauna used by the foremost expert on chemical sensitivity, Dr. William Rea, and our providers are experts in the use of Sauna and cleansing. 

We provide herbal tea and mineral-rich spring water to drink before and after your sauna along with a private changing area and shower.  The result: heavenly relaxation, significant elimination of chemicals and heavy metals, and enhanced vitality!

In addition to sauna, HALOTHERAPY is now available!  Experience improved respiratory health.

It is not required to be an established Naturopathic Care patient to do sauna or halotherapy.

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