We utilize a variety of laboratory studies to provide you a successful treatment course.

In-House Diagnostic Evaluations at PND

Testing performed at Prairie Naturopathic Doctors allows for lower prices and faster turn around times!

Bioimpedance analysis (BIA)*
Tests body composition (fat, muscle, water, bone), toxicity and cellular health

Digital Cardio Analysis (DCA)*
Recording & analyizing heart sounds to assess organ function and nutrient needs.

Arterial Health Analysis (AHA - Moorhead location)
Measures arterial stiffness to assess cardiovascular disease risk and moniter improvement

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Analyzes the flexibility and adaptability of the autonomic nervous system and the circulatory system

Terrain Analysis (TA)
Analyzes the "terrain" -- gut ecology, digestion, absorption, metabolism, and nutrient status

  • Bowel Toxicity Test* - Overgrowth of microbes (dysbiosis) and production of toxins

  • Macronutrient Digestive Test - fat, carbohydrate, and protein digestion, absorption, assimilation; also liver/gallbladder function, kidney function, calcium loss, and inflammatory by-products of protein digestion

  • Adrenal Stress Test - adrenal glands hormone production

  • Calcium Test - calcium levels in the blood and urine

Food Intolerance and Nutritional Analysis (FIANA)
A dietary evaluation for foods not properly digested and metabolized and mineral salt deficiencies.

Dried blood analysis (DBA)
A visual analysis of the clotting integrity of the fibrin protein matrix of your blood to assess oxidation and inflammation

Zinc Test*
Functional zinc status -- zinc is involved with the production of digestive substances, immune function, hormone balance, and neurotransmitter production

Nitric Oxide Test*
Nitric oxide status -- an important substance that regulates circulation

Oxidative stress test
Measure oxidative stress load indicating the level of need for antioxidants

Iris Exam
A high-resolution picture of the iris is taken and examined to understand inborn tendencies toward health and disease

Presence of blood in the feces which can be associated with cancer, ulceration and other diseases

Rapid Strep test
"Strep throat" detection

Monospot test
A rapid test for infectious mononucleosis due to Epstein–Barr virus (EBV)

Urinary tract infection, metabolic and kidney disorders

Wet mount
For vaginal infection

Pap Smear
Presence of dysplasia, cancer, and HPV in the cervical region

*Included with your first office visit

Offsite Laboratory Companies Utilized by PND

Analytical Research Labs - Hair Tissue Mineral and Toxic Metal Analysis

Diagnos-Techs - salivary hormone testing

Doctors Data - methylation function, toxic metal screening

Genova/Metametrix Laboratories- stool testing for dysbiosis, parasites, IBD and IBS; organic acid analysis; estrogen metabolite testing

USBiotek - food allergy/sensitivity testing, environmental pollution testing

ZRT - vitamin D, hormone (saliva/blood), and iodine testing

IgeneX - Lyme disease and other tick-borne illness testing

Labcorp - conventional laboratory testing such CBC, blood sugar, tsh, lipid panels, etc

Essentia (Moorhead location) - conventional laboratory testing such CBC, blood sugar, tsh, lipid panels, etc

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