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Nature's Playgrounds

June 1, 2023

Time spent in nature keeps the mind and body healthy. Natural playgrounds and play spaces are ideal gathering places for children and adults to relax, explore, wander, play, and discover.

Some natural playgrounds are...Read more

Naturopathic Way of Life

May 15, 2023

The naturopathic lifestyle is a way of thinking. This holistic mindset includes the idea that all areas of our lives are interconnected and interdependent. When one part of our life is affected, whether it’s our...Read more

PND Proven Process

May 4, 2023
Have you ever wondered exactly what we do at the PND Clinics?

You’ve seen the list of our services, but how exactly does your Naturopathic Doctor customize your healthcare plan to meet your specific needs?...Read more

Lower Your Blood Sugar, the Natural Way

April 15, 2023

Many adults experience high blood sugar, also called hyperglycemia. Your blood sugar is considered to be too high if your blood glucose levels while fasting are greater than 125 mg/dl. Whether these levels are the...Read more

Healing Your Gut for the Summer

April 1, 2023

The connection between our gut health and our general health is undeniable. In previous posts, we covered gut ecology (the balance between “good” and “bad” microbes within the gut), and we discussed the gut/brain connection...Read more

What Does Pediatric Naturopathic Care Look Like?

March 15, 2023
Pediatric care guided by naturopathic principles is gentler, safer, and designed to address all aspects of your child’s life to optimize your child’s health and happiness.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for...Read more

Breathing Easier

March 1, 2023
The Benefits of Halotherapy

We have some exciting news for our patients in Moorhead: we now have a halogenerator that can be added to your sauna experience! Halotherapy (also known as speleotherapy when practiced inside...Read more

Adrenal Fatigue: The What, How, and Why

February 15, 2023

Although some in the medical world don’t recognize “adrenal fatigue” as an official diagnosis, physicians absolutely recognize the signs of burnout from extended periods of physical and/or emotional stress in patients. “Adrenal fatigue” is...Read more

Why Skin Becomes Dry During the Winter

February 1, 2023

Why so dry?

The primary reason our skin dries out during the chilly winter months is lack of moisture. Our outermost skin layer, the epidermis, is also called the skin barrier. The...Read more

Stay Healthy During the Flu Season

January 23, 2023

As many people have spent the past couple of years avoiding public places and crowds because of the fears associated with the pandemic, stress levels are at an all-time high. Have you ever gotten sick...Read more

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