Natural Medicinary

We are the experts in herbs and nutrition

Squooshed Colorful Herbs With Crucible Coneflower 1Botanical Medicine (Herbal Medicine)

Herbal extracts are effective, safe, nutritive, and toning to your body systems. Herbal extracts are a complex mixture of substances that enhance your vitality compared to synthetic isolate pharmaceuticals with no nutritive or tonic effect. We formulate herbal liquid extracts that are customized to your needs. High quality pharmaceutical grade tablets, capsules, creams, powders, etc., are also available. We are the experts in herb-drug interactions and can safely prescribe botanical medicines while you are on pharmaceutical medications.


Nutrition determines the function of your body systems. The biggest challenge to your immune system is your food. The main determinant of your gene expression is the food you eat. The right food and food concentrates are the critical factors that will help you restore your health.

We prescribe dietary change, food concentrates, and natural medicines to correct insulin resistance, diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure, obesity, hormone imbalance, arthritis, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues...

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