“I am very fortunate to be a part of PND. The staff are very helpful, always willing to assist when needed and display exceptional customer service in many ways. Dr. Derek truly listens to my concerns, addresses them promptly and follows up with me when necessary. Love the specialty care PND provides and how they treat their patients like family.”


"I am feeling MUCH better in regards to my digestive system. My energy has also greatly improved."

"Dr. Todd, thank you for listening today. I very much appreciate all you and Dr. Molly do for me and my family. It is a great thing for me to feel better than I did when was in my twenties. I've come a long way since then! Many thanks!"

"I am so glad I found you. You actually listen to what I have to say and believe me."

"My knees are significantly better after you did laser therapy. I went walking almost everyday during my three-week vacation and only had pain once. This is a huge improvement over last year. Thank you!"

"My abdomen has been amazing. It's been really well. No pain at all. No cramping or diarrhea. My energy is really well. I feel like a new person! Sleep is getting better. I am not sleeping through the night without issues."

"No more aches or pains, more energy in my muscles, my bowels are wonderful and my energy is back. It's amazing. You have been a Godsend!"

"I have slept better than I have in years! No more waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day."

Thank you for your excellent listening and thorough care. My digestive tract is much stronger and I have lost weight.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am truly grateful to you for your help. I feel 50% better, have lost 5 lbs of fluid and have almost no pain in the joints. I am very happy with these results and have been talking to all my co-workers who seem very interested in making appointments."

"I've only had one headache and that was due to being in a smoky bar, otherwise I've felt great. Also, I'm hardly aching anymore. My arms, shoulders, and neck were sore but not anymore. I'm feeling really good. I have more energy as well."

"Thank you so much Dr. Ferguson for being so thorough and attentive. I told my husband today that I feel like I'm finally winning against this."

"I'm stabilizing. My bowel movements are now regular and look normal. My energy is improving. It feels good to finally feel normal."

"I just feel awesome. Its like night and day difference. I wasn't functioning all around. I was almost depressed. Now my mind is much better and I feel great! Thanks for making me well."

"Energy is way better. It's been huge. I'm so happy. I have more stamina. My sleep is also better...acne is way better, my friends have even noticed."

"One thing I noticed after the first treatment was an increased range of motion in my wrist and less swelling in my thumb. I wish I had known about you 2 years ago."

"The swelling in my face is almost all the way down. It's amazing! Thank you so very very much for your answers. I am much better. Again thank you so much"

"I very much appreciate your approach to the practice of healing. Someday it will be the norm."

"Dr. Todd, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have really helped us out. The information that you provide is great. Thanks so much."

"I got my recent lab results back and they were great! My PSA and liver enzymes were normal and they haven't been normal for a long time."

"I am feeling so much better. I wasn't depressed before I saw you, but it feels as though I have come out of a cloud. My sleep used to be light, I would wake several times per night. Now I fall asleep in 5 minutes and wake up to my alarm in the morning. I am happy, have more energy and would even say joyful now." 

"I'm very happy to report that I have been feeling loads better after changing my diet and taking the supplements. Thanks."

"I'm sleeping much more soundly, no more palpitations, and wrists that had really been bothering me are much better. Massage therapist said my muscles don't feel 'dry' anymore. Thanks."

"My muscles are not aching anymore like they were and I seem to be walking a little better when it is warm. Thanks for steering me to do the cleanse. I do feel better."

"Thank you so very much, Molly. Your care and attention were superb! You are so good at what you do. I could not dream up a better midwife."

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