The Grounding Connection

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Dr. Cassandra Costa, ND

Our bodies operate electrically: our brains, hearts, and lungs all run on electric charge and signaling. It was noticed how much we are affected by electromagnetic waves when we began sending people into space.  Differences in radiation and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) had physiologically effects and that needed to be addressed in space suits and timing of space activity.  Further study has revealed beneficial effects of low-level PEMF and grounding on earth. Unfortunately, it is common to practice daily habits which prevent grounding from taking place. In fact, 95% of people spend their days walking around completely insulated from the earth. 

Grounding, also known as “earthing,” is the physical act of touching our bodies to the earth. Think of it like grounding an electrical wire. When you walk barefoot in the grass, when you tend your garden using ungloved hands, when you lie down on the beach and stretch your bare limbs out to touch the sand and water… you are actually helping your body to regulate its electrical charges. 

Here's why.

When cells in our bodies show signs of damage, a signal goes out to the white blood cells (called neutrophils), which surround and encapsulate the damaged cells. The neutrophils rip away electrons from those damaged cells, thus destroying them. However, if not enough free electrons are available within the body to reduce the leftover free radicals, then those radicals will basically steal electrons from healthy cells (and damage them in the process). The immune system quickly sends the message out about the newly damaged cells, and the process repeats itself. A chain reaction occurs — resulting in inflammation (and often chronic pain).

Some health problems resulting from inflammation that can occur when the human body remains perpetually un-grounded due to rubber-soled shoes, largely indoor activities, and lack of exposure to nature include:

  • Headaches
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Infections
  • Arthritis
  • Colitis
  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Liver disease

When we connect ourselves to the earth, a transfer of electrons occurs. By March of 2020, there were 21 peer-reviewed studies to back up the claim that regular grounding to transfer the earth’s electrons into the body could reduce chronic pain by 60-70%.

Some great news: you can safely start grounding practices immediately! Here are some different ways to ground yourself, no matter what the weather looks like outside:

  • Walk barefoot through grass or sand.
  • Lie down on the ground and look up at the sky and the trees.
  • Visit the ocean. Even if it’s cold and windy, you can bundle up and walk barefoot through the sand.
  • Purchase special “earthing products,” such as pillowcases and sheets.
  • Natural-soled shoes are available, easily located through an “earthing shoes” internet search.
  • Grounding beds, sheets, and pillowcases are available for purchase as well; they come with detachable grounding chords, and are easy to wash.
  • A concrete basement floor (unsealed and unpainted) can act as a good grounding substitute, provided that you’re walking on it barefoot.
  • Roll a snowball with your bare hands,
  • Make a snow angel in your bathing suit briefly following time in a sauna or hot tub (discuss with your doctor whether you can safely do this practice and how to do it safely).

In addition to walking through the woods or scampering along the beach, we offer an option here at PND to increase electrons and electrical charge in your body in a way specific to your health concerns.

Naturopathic Physiotherapy (NPT) is solution that supports our patients’ healing using biologically compatible electro-therapies in an extremely safe and effective way. Though these relaxing treatments take only about 40 minutes, they have been demonstrated to significantly increase white blood cells and circulation as well as improving liver, kidney, thyroid, adrenal and digestive function.

No matter how you choose to ground yourself to the earth, I challenge you to try it this week. Even if you’re only spending 15 minutes outside with your shoes off, take note of how much better your body feels afterward. The grounding connection will rejuvenate you and restore your body’s natural balance.

Don’t forget to check out our resource page for links that help in our everyday lives. Remember, Build Health. Live Well.


April 14, 2022

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