The Doctor's Corner

Culinary Consciousness

Dr. Bri Vick, ND
June 15, 2022
The Health Benefits of Cooking with Herbs Why you should use herbs in your meals! (Salt and pepper aren't enough.)

The truth is, herbs and spices possess so many healthful qualities and add so much...Read more

Hormone Balancing

Dr. Molly Ferguson, ND
June 1, 2022
How long since you’ve gotten your hormone levels tested?

Our hormones belong to the endocrine system, which is made up of numerous glands whose function it is to conduct communication between our tissues and organs....Read more

Digestion and the Vagus Nerve

Dr. Todd Ferguson, ND
May 15, 2022

The vagus nerve serves as the primary carrier of sensory information and communication between our brain and our body. When something is happening within our body that requires a response from the brain, it’s the...Read more

The Grounding Connection

Dr. Cassandra Costa, ND
April 14, 2022

Our bodies operate electrically: our brains, hearts, and lungs all run on electric charge and signaling. It was noticed how much we are affected by electromagnetic waves when we began sending people into space. Differences...Read more

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness

Dr. Molly Ferguson
April 1, 2022

Spreading awareness and education about Alzheimer’s will reduce stigmas about the disease, improve care, and perhaps even boost the chances of finding a cure. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and in this post,...Read more

Building Stress Resilience Part II: Taking Action to Reduce Stress

by Allison Svobodny, ND
March 15, 2022

Building your own Stress Resilience Program will take time, patience, and persistence. It will also require you to show yourself an abundance of compassion. This is a dynamic process; there is no concrete formula for...Read more

Building Stress Resilience, Part I

by Allison Svobodny, ND
March 1, 2022

Stress is undertreated, even in our naturopathic field. Why? It’s hard to treat! Stress management and building stress resilience ultimately have everything to do with changing habits and behavior.

How does stress show up...Read more

Heal Your Relationship with Food

By Dr. Allison Svobodny
February 15, 2022
"The most toxic thing we can swallow at mealtime is worry. ” – Dr. John Bastyr How we eat is nearly as important as what we eat.

How we eat affects the...Read more

Covid-19 and Effective Coping Techniques

By Dr. Allison Svobodny
February 8, 2022

By now, we’ve all come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is here for the long-haul. For some of us, the last few years have served up an extra dose of feelings like anxiety,...Read more

New Year, New You

By Dr. Cassandra Costa
December 29, 2021

2021 is upon us, and with the start of the new year often comes the desire for change or improvement in one or more areas of our lives. Here at Prairie Naturopathic Doctors (PND), we...Read more

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